My Perfect Villa FAQ's

What are the charges for telephone numbers commencing with 0845?

Calls to our numbers commencing with 0845 are charged at the local call rate.

When is my holiday balance due?

Please refer to the Booking Information on the website but for the majority of holiday properties, the balance is due 8 weeks before departure.

Can I pay my holiday balance by credit card?

Unfortunately due to the very heavy charges  with the card providers, we do not offer this facility unless you are a resident in the UK and the holiday balance is in sterling then you can pay via paypal with your card. Meanwhile, you can pay through your bank directly to us either in sterling or euros depending on the villas owners specified currency.

When will I receive my travel documents?

Your travel documents will arrive within 2 weeks of departure. 

I have moved house. Can I inform you of our new address details?

Yes. Please email with your changes or call us on 0845 638 1408

I am travelling to Turkey. Do I need a visa?

Normally upon arrival you will need to pay £10 sterling and you will be issued a visa but please check with your airline carrier.

Do you provide a welcome pack?

Most of the properties do provide a basic welcome pack but please check the website listing.

Do you provide towels in the villas?

In most of our self-catering accommodation, the owners provide bath towels but please check the website listing for beach towels as you may need to bring those or pay an additional charge.

When can I check-in to my villa?

Your check-in time is stated on your arrival/driving directions, however it is normally from 4pm, if you will be late you must inform or the local contact specified on your documentation

When do I need to check-out of the villa?

The check-out time is normally at 10am.  Please check your arrival/driving directions.

Do you provide hairdryers/irons in the villas?

All our properties vary in terms of equipment provided. However, hairdryers and irons are normally provided but please check on the website listing and if unsure we can always check with the owner for you. In all of our self-catering accommodation,  If you have any specific questions about  equipment (i.e. air conditioning, wifi, ipod docks, safes, alarms etc.) please refer to the description on our website or call us before you travel on 0845 638 1408 or email us at

Can I have extra guests stay in my villa?

Yes, however you must  not exceed the maximum number of occupants for the accommodation and also declare the additional guests names to us before arrival.  Please email us on or call on 0845 638 1408.

Can you provide us with Travel Insurance?

Yes.  Please click on Travel Extras for further information on Travel insurance.

What is my luggage allowance?

If you are travelling with a chartered airline, your luggage allowance is shown on your paper ticket which is normally 20kg. However, scheduled (eg BA) and ‘no-frills’ airlines vary in the amount of luggage you are allowed. For example, BA only allows you to check-in one piece of luggage per person with a maximum weight of 23kg and Ryan Air's allowance is 15kg per person. Please see the airline’s website .

Can you provide cots and high chairs in the villas?

Yes. Normally the owners provide these free of charge. However you must check the website listing as this is not the case in all villas.  In some instances you will be required to take your own cot linen, as the owners do not always provide this.

How do I find all the properties you have in a particular Country?

If you move your mouse over the 'Holiday Properties' link in the top bar then you can see all the countries where the properties are located.  Alternatively in the search box you can click on country and the highlight the country you require. Lastly there is also a selection of countries listed at the bottom of the homepage where you can also click on the country required.

What If I am looking for any cheap/late availability?

Click on the 'Special Offers' section in the top bar.

Can I change the number of people as stated in the original booking?

Each property can only sleep the maximum numbers noted on each property website listing. This cannot be exceeded. You may notice that some properties can actually sleep more people than we allow, however a maximum number is set for your own comfort. It is also the express decision by our owners that they will never accept any increase in party numbers, unless by prior arrangement. You are of course entitled to sleep up to the maximum number of people; however we need to know who is at the villa each night for your own safety. It also allows us to be 100% sure that the house is prepared for your exact party size and make up. We ask for this information on your booking form. If any details change after you have booked, just give us a call and we will update our details! On a serious note, if you exceed the maximum numbers, a pro rata sum for the additional person(s) will automatically be deducted from your security deposit or you may be asked to leave the property.

How do I make a payment to secure the booking if the Villa I have chosen is specified in a different currency?

Myperfectvilla Ltd or the owner/agent will advise you of the Bank Identification Code(BIC) or International Bank Identifier No.(IBAN), you are then able to make a direct bank account transfer from your own account holding bank, branch.  The Bank will calculate the amount using the exchange rate at the time and may also make a bank charge for the payment.

What should I do before I leave home?

Ensure you have your passports, map, contact telephone nos, directions and any other documentation re car hire, driving licence(credit card that you may have booked the payment with) travel insurance etc.

What happens when I arrive at the property?

Either the owner or management company will send you a key in advance, or you will be met at the property by a representative. If you are delayed, please inform the owner/management company if you can en route.  Also please telephone your local contact if possible one hour before arrival if driving or when you  arrive at the airport, they will then know you are on time and an approximately time that you will be at the property.

What happens when I leave?

The owner or representative should check you out of the property, and assuming there is no damage, they  or we will refund your security deposit [this may be done within a 1-2 week period after you leave]. If leaving at a very early time in the morning please advise the representative your early departure time as they may come to the property the night before to go through everything with you.

Do we provide brochures?

My Perfect Villa Limited is published exclusively on the Internet, with photos and details of over 700 holiday properties around the world. Our holiday property owners regularly update details of their property including availability and prices, so these listings are far more up to date than a brochure would be.

What are the international dialling codes?

Dial your international dialling code - usually 00 in Europe and 001 for the US. Dial the country code - the digits immediately after the + sign.E.g.  our number if dialled in France would be 44 followed by the landline number. Dial the number - omitting the number, usually a zero, in brackets (if there is one) e.g. again our

You can tell whether you are dialling a number in your own country if the digits immediately after the plus sign correspond to your own international dialling code. See the list of countries below to find out its international dialling code and the time offset from GMT. For example the international dialling code for the US is '1', thus if you want to make an international phone call from the US the '1' immediately after the plus sign can be ignored and the area code dialled first.

Please remember that the owners of the property may be in a different time zone to you! So time you calls accordingly.